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The Mayas

The Mayas

The Mayas are among the most popular dive spots on Phi Phi Island. Here is the place where you have the highest chance to dive with both turtles and sharks. The view here of the majestic limestone cliffs plunging into the water is simply stunning. There arn’t many places in the world where you can dive right next to 300m high cliffs. The four main dive sites here are Maya Corner, Maya Nui, Maya Bay, and Mushroom Rock. 

At the Mayas you’ll find shallow & sloping reefs, swim-throughs, dramatic walls, pinnacles and coral fields with more life than you can imagine. At the Maya sites you can find creatures like; parrotfish, pufferfish, butterflyfish, schools of snapper and fusiliers, cuttlefish, lobster, squid, morays, Golden Trevallies, triggerfish and many more. Also you might also see a Blacktip reef shark or a Hawksbill turtle here.

2 dives ฿ 3,900

Included in the price:
Full set of equipment, Pick-up from your hotel in our pick-up area, soft drinks, electrolyte, snacks, lunch, water, real coffee, tea, fresh fruit, tanks, weights, weight belt and divemaster guide.

Marine park fee not included:

Adult ฿ 400
Children ฿ 200
Diving fee ฿ 200


Equipment discount BCD -200 THB, Regulator -200 THB, Wetsuit -200 THB.
3 day package -10%
5 day package -15%