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Snorkeling Experience

Kon-Tiki has been established in southern Thailand for many years. Our team consists of professional diving instructors, divemasters and snorkel guides. From our center in Ao Nang you can visit Phi Phi, Bida Islands, Shark Point and King Cruiser, for diving and snorkeling.

The Bida Islands

On the most southern tip of the famous Phi Phi Islands, you find the Bida Islands. Many rank these as great as diving the Similans! They are not difficult to describe, but the best way to experience them is definitely through a mask! On this full day dive trip we visit either Hin Bida, Bida Nok or Bida Nai.

At the Bida sites you can find creatures like; parrotfish, butterflyfish, massive schools of snapper and fusiliers, cuttlefish, squid, morays, Golden Trevallies, triggerfish and many more. With a bit of luck you might also see a Blacktip reef shark, turtle, Kingfish, Mackerel or an Eagle ray. Around these sites the topography is also quite varied. You can find sloping reefs, underwater crevices, walls, plateaus and pinnacles.

Don’t miss the best diving the area has to offer.

Phi Phi Islands

Almost as famous as its rival, the Similans Islands, the Phi Phi Islands consist of more than 20 snorkel sites suitable for beginners and the experienced. From our snorkel center at Krabi, Ao Nang, you can enjoy one of the most popular snorkel areas in Thailand. The stunning view of the majestic limestone rocks plunging into the clear water is an experience itself.

Here you’ll find shallow reefs, dramatic walls and pinnacles and coral fields with more life than you can imagine. At some of the sites around Phi Phi you have the best chances in southwestern Thailand to spot sharks and turtles. Phi Phi Islands can be done all year around and is both varied and spectacular.

Don’t miss the fantastic snorkeling Phi Phi Islands has to offer.


Exotic Phi Phi Cruise

The world famous and unique Phi Phi Islands are difficult to describe using words. so best is to experience them yourself. The archipelago consists of a total of 9 islands. The two most famous ones are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley. On our full day tour we visit these islands with several stops along the way.

First stop is at Phi Phi Don, which is habited and the most famous of all. During the stop here you can explore the island at your own pace. Phi Phi Don is known as a backpackers paradise with charming small alleyways where you can find souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and a whole lot of other things! Second stop is in the beautiful Viking Bay, where your Kon-Tiki guide will take you diving, spotting interesting marine life in the turquoise waters.

The Mayas

The Mayas are among the most popular dive spots on Phi Phi Island. Here is the place where you have the highest chance to dive with both turtles and sharks. The view here of the majestic limestone cliffs plunging into the water is simply stunning. There aren’t many places in the world where you can dive right next to 300m high cliffs. The four main dive sites here are Maya Corner, Maya Nui, Maya Bay, and Mushroom Rock.

At the Mayas you’ll find shallow & sloping reefs, swim-throughs, dramatic walls, pinnacles and coral fields with more life than you can imagine. At the Maya sites you can find creatures like; parrotfish, pufferfish, butterflyfish, schools of snapper and fusiliers, cuttlefish, lobster, squid, morays, Golden Trevallies, triggerfish and many more. Also you might also see a Blacktip reef shark or a Hawksbill turtle here.


Ao Nang Archipelago – Every day

The Ao Nang archipelago consists of 13 islands just 45 minutes from the beach. Here you can snorkel with many tropical fish and avoid with us the crowds of the 4 Islands-tour’s. We will stop at 3 different islands on this trip. On these islands you can find butterflyfish, cornetfish, pufferfish, sea snakes, needle fish, many fusiliers, and many more. Some of the islands have stunning sea caves where you can snorkel.

This trip will be on our lovely boat Ingmarie. Note that there is no snorkel guide on this trip, so you must be able to swim independently. Our dive staff will give you a thorough briefing of each site. This is a independent snorkeling trip, on our Phi Phi Islands and Koh Haa Marine Park snorkeling trips there will be a guide with you in the water.


Koh Haa Yai Marine Park

Only available from 1st December until 31st March

Koh Haa is a Marine Park near Koh Lanta which is known for its crystal clear waters. The protected lagoon is simply breathtaking. This amazing place is located 3.5 hours south of Ao Nang, Krabi.

The islands dramatic limestone pinnacles and lagoon are like a living post card. Experience their exhilarating caverns which are safe to visit because of their majestic size. There are many fish species here that you cant find in the Ao Nang Archipelago or at the Phi Phi Islands.

Your Kon-Tiki divemaster will get you stunned by all the colors of the rainbow, crustaceans, turtles and dramatic scenery full of fish life. This trip is suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Sunset BBQ & Night Snorkeling

Join us on this afternoon dive trip and discover the beautiful underwaterworld at the islands surrounding Ao Nang, Krabi. The dive sites around Ao Nang Archipelago are home to some of the best and most varied macro-life you can find in Thailand, and is quite different to the Phi Phi Islands. There are several species of Seahorse, Pipe Fish and many Nudibranchs. Also you may see Mantis Shrimps, Coral Whip Gobie’s, Razor Fish, Porcelain Crabs and Durban Dancing Shrimp to name a few. It’s not only the macro-life you’ll love at these dive sites.

Your Kon-Tiki Divemaster will also try and find Bamboo sharks, as they can be spotted sometimes. After a surface interval, we will cruise to another island for the second dive. When we come up from this dive, the barbeque will be lit and we will slowly cruise to the 3rd stop of the day. As the sunsets, we can enjoy the spectacular views and the delicious BBQ.